SC-3000 Java Emu

This is my first java emulator. It emulates a SEGA SC-3000 Home Computer that's also my first computer in 1984.

As member of "SC-3000 Survivors Team" i developed this piece of code in order to remind us some old good days...


Try it here.


The SC-3000 (Sega Computer 3000) was Sega's only home computer system. It was essentially a SG-1000 with a membrane keyboard and a cassette port. It had one revision, the SC-3000H which had a standard (hard) keyboard and more RAM. There was also one add-on, the SF-7000 which added a floppy drive, 64KB RAM, a RS-232 serial port and a parallel port for a printer.


    * CPU: 3.579545 MHz Z80
    * Main RAM: 2KB
          o Almost every cartridges (such BASIC) included extra RAM (8kb-32kb)

    * Video: TMS9918A VDP
    * Video RAM: 16KB
    * Resolution: 256 x 192

    * Sound: SN76489A PSG (3 voices + 1 Noise)