What are we talking about? A dream.



April 3, 1984 my mom bought me a SEGA SC-3000 home computer, my first computer. Since then I began the path that led me to know everything I know about I.T.

I started development software at start with BASIC and then deepening my knowledge of CPU approaching the Assembler (Z80).

Many years has passed and also many computers, but not forgetting what was my first "love".

I started in emulation world in 2001, reaching my goal of finish my SC3K - SEGA SC-3000 emulator. I also ported it to XBOX and developed also a not-finished Nintendo DS version and a Sony PSP version.

After years of software emulation my interest shifted to FPGA world and hardware emulation...


The Project

Finally I bought an FPGA development kit to make some experiment and to try to lead with my project...

Project? What kind of project I'm talking about? :)

I'm not an hardware level newbie programmer, after years in console coding, I think I have the necessary experience to take the way of hardware prototiping.

Taaa daaaannn!!! FPGA world is my new challenge.

Yes, ok... but... what about "the project"? I show you my project asking you a question:

"Why don't redesign the SEGA SC-3000 with an FPGA board?"


SC-3000X Pages:

1) Clock

2) Video Timings



To be continued...